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Bath Salts

We decided to make our Essential oil blends into a line of bath salts. We offer bath salts in a 16 oz size and a 10 pound bucket. Simply take 2 to 4 ounces, or more, dependng on the desired concentration, of the bath salts and mix into a tub of hot, but not scalding, water. Sit in the tub and relax.

Our Bath Salts are Dead Sea salts originating from the southern most part of the Dead Sea, where the mineral content is the highest. We have them imported specifically for us and guarantee that they are as pure as when they were taken from the Dead Sea.
We do not cut our Dead Sea salts with other salts and minerals to make them cheaper. If you want a Dead Sea mineral breakdown of the salts that are being shipped to you, just ask.

16 oz (1 pound) Jar

16 oz Dead Sea Bath Salts - A to E

16 oz Dead Sea Bath Salts - F to L

16 oz Dead Sea Bath Salts - M to Z

10 Pound Bucket

10 lb Dead Sea Bath Salt Bucket - A to G

10 lb Dead Sea Bath Salt Bucket - H to Z