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  • Other Worlds therapies - sports therapy
    Pain Management, non-pharmaceutical options Getting your life back starts with your first session

    Chronic pain can be closely associated with scars and adhesions within the fascia of the body. We start your therapy session with scar therapy, which releases and repolarizes the tissues within the area. This releases the fascia and can help to eliminate pain quickly, permanantly.

    Don't think that you have any scars? Scars and adhesions are not just surgical scars. They can be from a deep scratch, broken bone, even how we sit (abdominal adhesions). Once you learn what needs to be treated and how, you will figure out how we need to proceed with your treatment.

    Scar Therapy - Scars have a direct relationship to trigger points and pain.

    MPS Therapy - Great for the relief of chronic pain and trigger point therapy as well as myofascial release.

    GSL Therapy - Gluteal, Sacral, Lumbar work, for those with lower back pain and sciatic issues.

    Deep Tissue Therapy - Several modalities that get to the deep tissues, most however are NOT deep pressure, like rocking, justling, and shaking.

    60 Minutes/$135

    90 Minutes/$195

    120 Minutes/$250

  • c-section scar - copy.jpg
    Post surgical treatments Repolarization of surgical scars and manual lymhatic drainage is a big key to quicker recovery time.

    MPS Therapy and MLD help speed up the recovery time post surgery by repolarizating the surgical scars and helping to move lymphatic fluids. This keeps swelling to a minimum, helps prevent bruising and also helps to alleviate future chronic pain issues.

    May be used for: cosmetic surgery, transitional reconstructive surgery, as well as other cosmetic and/or medical surgeries.

    MPS Therapy - is used to remove blockages within the lymphatic system so that manual therapy can be more efficient. It can be used to release scars, keloid scars, help to speed up the movement of lymphatic fluid, and help to relieve pain, as well as lessen the use of pin killers and opioids.

    MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a light touch modality that speeds up lymphatic flow ten fold which helps to lessen swelling and prevent or keep bruising to a minimum.

    Scar Therapy - using already mentioned treatments gets a start on healing to prevent further issues.

    Individual MLD appointments:

    30 minutes - $85

    60 minutes - $150

    90 minutes - $225

    Packages of 5 integrative pre or post surgery:

    60 minutes/$725

    90 Minutes/$1,100

  • sports.jpg
    Athletic, Sports Therapy and Recovery Whether you're a recreational athlete or professional, we have services which fit your fitness level.

    You can increase your performance, increase muscle mass, or recovery properly from a strenuous workout. No matter what your level of exercise, there are treatments that will work for you. Massage therapy has a long history which benefits athletes.

    Scar Therapy - Scars have been proven to have a direct effect on the fascia of the body inhibiting range of motion, decreaseing heart rate variability, and causing trigger points and pain. We repolarize scars and release adhesions to help with better performance.

    MPS Therapy - Great for the relief of chronic pain and trigger point therapy as well as myofascial release, scar therapy and adhesions, increasing heart rate variability and helping to increase performance.

    GSL Therapy - Gluteal, Sacral, Lumbar work, for better gait and movement. This helps to increase leg and lower back strength.

    Deep Tissue Therapy - Several modalities that get deep into the tissues. Rocking, justling, shaking, analgesics, hydrotherapy, all help to get deep within the pressure but yet do not use deep pressure.

    60 Minutes - $135

    90 Minutes - $195

    120 Minutes - $250

  • 83440332_10221577701462212_1062930472192966656_n.jpg
    Wellness Program Get yourself back on track

    This is what we do and what we're known for. We have a very good and long history with helping people get and feel better. There is a secret to our success and how we treat our customers.

    Our wellness program is the key to that success. It is intended to get someone better from an existing condition, or to prepare them for a current regimen. Appointments need to be scheduled for 4 appointments during a given week, or 4 appointments during a given month, usually once per week.

    This is to provide the optimum effects on the body to improve current health conditions, or to prepare for specific effects upon which you are working.

    If you do not adhere to these terms, then your optimum outcomes may not happen.

    1. Your first visit will be scar release/repolarization.

    2. Your second visit will mostly be comprised of the MPS Standard Protocol, and some manual therapy.

    3. Your third visit will be comprised of some MPS Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

    4. Visit number 4 will focus on specific issues and/or preparation for increased exercise for our sports and exercise minded customers. After the fourth visit, you be able to start maintaining your goals.

    60 Minute package of 4 - $455

    90 Minute package of 4 - $635

    120 Minute package of 4 - $830

  • singing-bowl-235268.jpg
    Spiritual and Energy Work Massage modalities for those who are interested in spiritual and energy work

    Wholistically we not only have our physical being, but we also have our mental and spiritual beings. Modalities such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, as well as other modalities, help us with balancing our chakras and energy work. This helps keep our mind, emotions and mental state of being healthy so that you can be healthy all around.

    30 minutes - $75

    60 minutes - $135

    90 minutes - $195

    120 minutes - $260

  • Relaxation and Maintenance The best in quality relaxation and spa type services

    This is what most people think about when they think about massage therapy. To help with relaxation and getting rid of stress. This type of massage already has so many health benefits, but getting to this stage is what all of our other services are about.

    Swedish Style - light to moderate pressure

    Deep Pressure - Swedish with deeper pressure

    Aromatherapy Massage - uses our essential oils blends and massage oils

    60 minutes - $135

    90 minutes - $195

    120 minutes - $260

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