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"I had the chance to have treatment with John at a luxurious spa in FL before he opened his own practice. This treatment really does wonders for back pain. The results are instantaneous. If you have tried all kinds of massages for back pain you should definitely give this a try. Also treatment helped with nerve damage post surgery. Overall an innovative treatment I recommend to all my friends !!"

Jerome K
Patient since 2015

"After 30 years of numbness in my legs and feet, after 1 treatment I can finally feel the carpet between my toes again. This is just amazing. Everyone who has had some kind of surgery must have this done and see yourself."

Darlee C
Patient since 2018

"After a car accident I had severe neck and back pain and could hardly move my shoulder. After 1 treatment, I could move my shoulder freely and the neck pain is gone. What a truly wonderful and gifted healer"

Britt E
Patient since 2018

"I have know John Romano professionally for 11 years. As a rehab professional I am very selective with who I will let work on me. His knowledge of manual work, MPS and essential oils makes him highly effective in his field. I recommend him with confidence to others without hesitation."

Laine M
Patient since 2006

"I have been to all kinds of therapists in the healthcare field and have been looking for a really good manual therapist. After looking for 15 years, I've finally found a competent therapist"

Stan F

"John is not just a Massage Therapist, he is a true healer! He is very attentive to the body and I felt like mush after a session! It felt like he took the stress off my shoulders. Look forward to another session with him! I've also bought a couple of his essential oils. Focal breathe is my favorite."

Jacqueline S
Patient since 2013

"John is Amazing. His skill set is incomparable. At our first session I was convinced he was an MD due to the wealth of knowledge he produces. If he can't fix the he issue he'll know just who to refer. Personable and professional!"

Kristy D
Patient since 2015

"John's high level of professionalism and easy-going personality allows one to feel immediately at ease in his presence. He is an exceptional, highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable practitioner. I am also impressed with the high quality of his Other Worlds essential oils. In my opinion, John is the best of the best!"

Sherry T
Patient since 2006

"John is extraordinarily fantastic and a knowledgeable therapist that will help you. He has years of experience and I recommend anyone to see him. To experience the wonders of what this Therapist has. I myself am a therapist for 10 years and he knows what he's doing. Very professional, and makes you feel comfortable. A very intuitive Therapist that you tell him the area and he will find the knots and get them out!!! Highly recommended to go see him."

Yolanda M
Patient since 2007

"Love the desire John has to heal and help others. You can feel his compassion from the moment you meet him. He has great knowledge of his profession."

Patricia D
Patient since 2011

"I've had chronic siatica for months now. After getting treatment from John, I am pain free!
I highly recommend you book a session ... John is a true healer."

Ari E
Patient since 2015

"I experienced severe back pain/spasm the first night of a weekend seminar. Thank God that John Romano was at the same seminar and he was able to work on me that evening with his MPS units because within minutes the severity of my pain decreased. I was able to comfortably get through the weekend. I honestly believe that had John not worked on me I would not of been able to finish the seminar. John's knowledge and experience in the massage profession puts him at the top of EXCELLENCE!"

Joanna G
Patient since 2012

"Excellent experience. I suffer from major pain all over my body and John was able to help ease it with his therapy. Can't thank you enough."

Rony N
Patient since 2015

Master John is an AMAZING therapist with incredible skills. He always works on me when I have a problem and the outcome is always very excellent.

Ong W
Patient since 2015

"John is very knowledgeable of his practice in massage therapy and aromatherapy. With his practice of over 30 years experience he understands the body and can relate to his clients with deeper understanding than most. Also, a great personality and a sense of humor to top it off. I highly recommend Other Worlds to anyone looking for the highest quality treatment!!"

Brian C
Patient since 2017

"I've known John for many years now and watched him develop and improve his company from its inception. My sessions with John are relaxing and educational. He's a very caring massage therapist that has helped me tremendously with my battered body. Over the years John has pioneer his MPS treatments with amazing results. Being a musician my hands are my tools, over time I've developed painful arthritis, I believe John's MPS treatments have given me extra years to play. Combining the therory and practice of Chinese acupuncture points and as well as today's technology of MPS devices John delivers amazing postive results for his patients.
Other World Therapies was selected above other vendors to display and sell his essential oils at one of the country's largest massage conventions for several years. Having headaches as well as insomnia I have benefitted from his compounds. John's vast knowledge from years of study will be able to blend just the right oils for you.
I simply cannot give enough praise to John, he is that rare breed of person that stands out among others"

Craig P
Patient since 2009

"I have had a couple sessions with John at events and privately. His use of the MPS helped me out on several occasions and got me pain free in a very short time"

Roque M
Patient since 2016

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